Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Practical Experiences

Genap sebulan grad tak official ni.
Masih menanam anggur di rumah, asah skill domestic engineer haha.
So, we was in the last semester and subject wajibnya ialah practical. We got the schools and had to teach for like 4 months. So many things happened during those days.

 Something i want to share today about experience during practical session as a teacher.
Haritu, masa taklimat post practicum tak share story sebab takut ter over excited haha pastu sume akan buat muka 😒😒😧 haha joking. 
A few questions yang ditanya pada hari tersebut.

1. What is the most epic memories during your practicum days.
There's a lot actually..if i were to pick one, it would be during action song practices. We were in charge of standard 3 action song competition. The epic memories was how we being treated at first. We had spare our time to search the members, making the music, lyrics, choreography and ideas. We were told late so yea we were kind of rush to practice it. 3 weeks to practice. Okay, for the first week we guide them and let them memorize and be familiar with the song. They were excited so the week after they had memorize both songs. We were so happy to move to the choreography. But then, this was the start of the conflict. Two teachers came and suddenly changed the song without asking our opinion. They also took our own composed song. We were so taken back that I ran out to surau and pray. We cannot faced them like usual. To be professional we still went there and give support to the students. Since there were some of them who came and said "we will not enter the competition if teachers are not with us" it was heartbreaking. The teachers apologized but it was like cakap dekat mulut je. The most epic memories was when the students said to us "teacher, teacher xx kata tak payah ikut cakap teacher tu.. sape yg lebih lama mengajar? Dia atau saya?" 
It was really hardbreaking to know this. What we did was change the choreography for our own composed song sbb the lyrics and the beat was not tally. Only i know that because I was the one who make the song. But then, I felt that why should i stress about this thing. Maybe ini ujian sebagai practical students. So I just let it go and helped the students. 

2. How was the relationship between the staffs?
The relationship between the teachers was okay. But with their backbone was not okay at all. 
I can see why is that when I introduced my supervisor to her.. she just left. I was so embarrassed in front of my sv that day.

3. Has teaching changed you in any ways?
Yup, a lot. 
I was a relief teacher at my old school after spm. But during that time i dont have the basics or the qualifications. So it differs during that time and this time. I taught what i have learnt. I made lesson plans everyday, joined their activities and made some project. I learnt how to communicate with others. How school politics was like. How to be more professional. I also learnt how to be independent. It wad hard at first but after a few weeks its getting much easier. 
I opened up my heart to this career a little. It was really great to know that your students understand what you're teaching about. When they managed to answer the questions and excited to learn in the class yea, i feel so blessed. 


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